Hackceler8 is an accelerator devoted to ventures exploring the uncharted territories of science, technology, and innovation. We cultivate and propel ideas that others may consider “looney” or impossible. Hackceler8 curates, nurtures, and accelerates groundbreaking deep tech startups, daring to challenge the status quo, and pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable.

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Hackceler8 - Ace Hacker Accelerator

8 Focus Areas

We nurture startups in Deep tech technologies that are based on substantial scientific or engineering innovations and breakthroughs. We seek startups focused on disruptive solutions in these 8 focus areas - AI-driven innovations, Advanced Biotechnology, Quantum Computing, Space Exploration, Materials Science, Drone Technology, Clean Energy, and Advanced Robotics.

Space Exploration
Space Exploration

Startups in this category are dedicated to advancing technologies related to space travel, satellite systems, asteroid mining, habitat development, propulsion systems, or any innovation geared towards exploring, inhabiting, or utilizing outer space.

AI driven Innovations
AI Innovation

This category is for startups leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, or other AI-related technologies to create innovative solutions across various industries, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, or personalized services.

Advanced Robotics
Advanced Robotics

Startups focused on developing cutting-edge robotic systems, including autonomous machines, industrial automation, medical & military robots, exoskeletons, or AI-powered robots for specific applications such as logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, or exploration, fall under this category.

Bio Technology

This category encompasses startups involved in groundbreaking biotech innovations like gene editing, personalized medicine, regenerative therapies, bioinformatics, or advancements in agriculture, aiming to revolutionize healthcare, food production, and sustainability.

Clean Energy
Clean Energy

Startups dedicated to renewable energy sources, energy storage solutions, smart grids, sustainable transportation, or novel technologies promoting environmental conservation and reducing carbon footprints belong to this category.

Quantum Computing
Quantum Computing

This category is for startups focusing on quantum computing, quantum cryptography, quantum algorithms, or related hardware and software advancements, aiming to transform computational power and solve complex problems.

Drone Technology
Drone Tech

Startups involved in developing advanced drone technologies, including applications in delivery services, aerial mapping, surveillance, agriculture, infrastructure inspection, or disaster management, fall within this category.

Materials Science
Materials Science

Startups innovating in materials science, such as new materials development, nanotechnology, smart materials, biomaterials, or applications in electronics, construction, healthcare, or manufacturing, are a perfect fit for this category.

What happens at Hackceler8

What happens at Hackceler8

Hackceler8 hosts two 4-month programs:

  • Cohort Duration   April through July
  • Cohort Duration   August through November

The goal of Hackceler8 is to help startups take off. Startups arrive at Hackceler8 at all different stages. Some haven’t even started working yet, and others have been launched for a year or more. But whatever stage a startup is at when they arrive, our goal is to help them to be in dramatically better shape 4 months later.

Cohort Duration:  16 weeks (4 months)

Next Cohort starts from:  April, 2024

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Why Hackceler8

Fly High with Hackceler8

We believe that the boldest ideas are the ones that drive true transformation. We encourage startups aiming for moonshots, challenging them to dream big and aim higher.

  • Hands-On Support: Each selected startup receives personalized guidance, expert mentorship, and access to a vast network of industry leaders, scientists, and investors dedicated to nurturing groundbreaking innovations.

  • Fearless Innovation: Hackceler8 doesn’t shy away from the ‘impossible.’ Instead, we embrace the uncharted, providing a safe haven for radical ideas to flourish and become the game-changers of tomorrow.

  • Focused Attention: With a selective intake of only eight startups per cohort, each team receives unparalleled attention, resources, and tailored support to accelerate their vision.

8 Stages of Hackceler8

Hackceler8 follows a structured approach designed to help startups grow and succeed. The main stages of Hackceler8 program include:

Application and Selection
Application & Selection

Startups interested in participating apply to the Hackceler8 program by submitting their business plans, pitches, or applications. The Hackceler8 team reviews applications and selects promising startups based on specific criteria such as innovation, market potential, team strength, and scalability.

Pre-Acceleration Preparation
Pre-Acceleration Preparation

Selected startups undergo an initial phase of preparation before the formal program begins. This may involve orientation sessions, goal-setting, mentor matching, and refining business models or pitches.

Curriculum and Bootcamp
Curriculum & Bootcamp

Startups enter a structured curriculum or bootcamp phase where they participate in workshops, seminars, and mentorship sessions. Topics covered typically include business model validation, market research, product development, marketing strategies, finance, legal aspects, and investor readiness.

Mentorship and Networking
Mentorship & Networking

Startups receive guidance and support from experienced mentors and industry experts. Mentors provide valuable insights, advice, and networking opportunities. Networking events, pitch sessions, and interactions with potential investors, partners, and customers are organized to help startups expand their networks.

Product Development
Product Development

Startups focus on refining their products or services based on feedback received during the program. Iterative development, testing, and validation are emphasized to improve the market fit and scalability of the offerings.

Demo Day Preparation
Demo Day Preparation

As the program nears its end, startups prepare for a demo day or pitch event where they showcase their progress, products, and business models to potential investors, venture capitalists, and other stakeholders.

Demo Day Graduation
Demo Day & Graduation

The Hackceler8 program culminates in a demo day event where startups present their pitches or demonstrations to a wider audience, aiming to secure funding, partnerships, or further support. Successful completion of the program results in a graduation ceremony, and startups may receive certificates or recognition for their achievements during the program.

Post Acceleration Support
Post-Acceleration Support

Hackceler8 continues it’s support and resources to alumni even after graduation. This includes access to additional mentorship, investor introductions, co-working spaces, or alumni networks.

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