Vivek Shangari


Started taking things apart at 4,
Began putting them back together at 8.
Vivek is a Storyteller who tells tales in code.
He thinks programs,
and carries a piece of code in his head all the time.

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Always R.E.S.Ting

Vivek has a motto he lives by, a mantra he conceived called “R.E.S.T” And no, it doesn’t involve taking daily naps or lounging on hammocks all day long, although that would be pretty awesome too. For Vivek, R.E.S.T stands for Research, Experiment, Study, and Teach. It’s his strategy for world domination that includes embracing constant learning, imparting knowledge, and spreading joy & laughter.


Vivek’s idea of a wild Friday night (and usually all other nights of the week) is to delve deep into the mysteries of Computer Algorithms, Calculus, Bits & Qubits, digging up any source of knowledge he can get his hands on.


Experimentation is where Vivek lets his inner child-like curiosity let loose. He is never afraid to get his hands dirty with some cutting-edge technology and he is a practitioner of the “try and see what happens” philosophy.

Research, Experiment, Study, Teach

An avid reader, Vivek’s library is now over-flowing with programming, math, electronics, and science fiction books. You may also find technical manuals on his bed-side tables. Vivek is always hunting for new skills to add to his repertoire.


Vivek doesn’t keep all this brilliance to himself. That would be a travesty. He lives by the “Teach” component of his motto and he teaches how to write great code in various programming languages.

Concept Stack

Vivek Shangari is highly skilled in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Computer Programming, and Robotics with a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies and techniques, enabling the development of intelligent systems, quantum algorithms, and efficient software that looks nice and feels right.

Artificial Intelligence

Vivek + AI

Proficient in leveraging cutting-edge techniques in artificial intelligence and machine learning, applying algorithms such as deep learning, reinforcement learning, and natural language processing to develop intelligent systems and predictive models.

Quantum Computing

Vivek + QC

Well-versed in the principles of quantum mechanics and quantum computing, with a strong understanding of quantum algorithms, quantum gates, and quantum entanglement, enabling the exploration of complex problem-solving and optimization using quantum resources.

Algorithms & Programming

Vivek + Programming

Skilled in an array of programming languages with expertise in developing efficient and scalable code, implementing complex data structures and algorithms, and optimizing performance for high computational tasks.

Robotics & Electronics

Vivek + Robotics

Proficient in designing and implementing robotic systems, integrating sensors, actuators, and control systems, while utilizing computer vision techniques and machine learning algorithms for perception and decision-making in autonomous robots.

Tech Stack

Vivek is proficient in a diverse range of programming languages, and adept at implementing efficient data structures and algorithms. He is quite experienced in utilizing frameworks and libraries effectively, and skilled in working with various types of databases.

Programming Languages

Vivek + Programming Languages

These are the programming languages Vivek is proficient in and can write great code across various programming paradigm with a slight inclination towards Functional Programming (FP) paradigm.

  • Python
  • Go
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Swift
  • ANSI Commnon Lisp

  • C, C++
  • ARM
  • Scala
  • Haskell
  • Racket
  • Scheme
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

Algorithms & Data Structures

Vivek + Algorithms

Vivek Shangari has deep expertise in classical and quantum computing, possessing a thorough understanding of data structures and algorithms. Highly skilled in leveraging this knowledge to design and develop efficient and intelligent real-life applications, with a strong ability to bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and practical implementations.

Frameworks & Libraries

Vivek + Frameworks

Proficient in a comprehensive range of frameworks and libraries across web programming, mobile programming, and AI programming, including but not limited to React, Angular, Django, Flask, Android SDK, iOS SDK, TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Scikit-learn, Vivek utilizes his in-depth knowledge of programming languages, data structures, algorithms, and design patterns to design & build innovative solutions.

Database Systems

Vivek + Databases

Vivek works extensively with these databases:

Relational: MySQL, Oracle

NoSQL: MongoDB

Graph: Amazon Neptune

Time Series: InfluxDB

Distributed: Apache Hadoop

In-Memory: Redis, Apache Ignite

Cloud: Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB, Amazon Aurora

Math Stack

Vivek excels in leveraging mathematical concepts and applying them to solve complex problems, while continuously staying updated with the latest advancements in the field. Vivek effectively connects the concepts of Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability & Statistics to real-world applications, enabling his students to grasp the mathematical foundations necessary for advanced programming and cutting-edge technologies.

Vivek Shangari teaches Calculus

Vivek teaches Calculus covering topics such as limits and continuity for understanding the foundations of computation, derivatives for optimization algorithms and machine learning, integrals for probability theory and data analysis, and differential equations for modelling dynamic systems in quantum computing.

Linear Algebra
Vivek Shangari teaches Linear Algebra

Vivek teaches Linear Algebra covering essential topics such as vector spaces and linear transformations for understanding data representation and transformations in AI algorithms, matrix operations for efficient computations in programming and optimization, eigenvalues and eigenvectors for dimensionality reduction and pattern recognition, and quantum gates and quantum circuits for designing quantum algorithms in quantum computing.

Prob. & Stats
Vivek teaches Probability and Statistics

Vivek teaches Probability & Statistics covering topics such as probability theory for modelling uncertainty in AI algorithms and quantum computing simulations, statistical inference for analysing data and making informed decisions in computer programming, hypothesis testing for evaluating AI model’s performance, and Bayesian statistics for probabilistic reasoning in AI and quantum computing.

Avatar Stack

Vivek Shangari continues to play three roles in life - as a programmer, Vivek possesses exceptional technical skills, crafting innovative and efficient solutions. As a successful tech serial entrepreneur, he has the vision and drive to turn ideas into thriving ventures. And, as a gripping teacher and storyteller, he has the rare ability to convey complex computer science and math concepts in a captivating manner, using stories and analogies to make learning accessible and enjoyable for students.


Vivek Shangari is a Hacker

Vivek is a Hacker-at-heart.

‘Hacker’ is someone who enjoys exploring the details of computers and how to stretch their capabilities, as opposed to most users who prefer to learn the minimum necessary. A hacker is someone who creates original and ingenious programs.

Unfortunately, this term has been abused by the media to give a negative connotation - of someone who breaks into systems, destroys data, steals copyrighted software, and performs other destructive or illegal acts with computers and networks. The term that accurately defines this kind of person is Cracker. Hackers are cool; Crackers are scumbags not-so-great people.


Vivek Shangari is a Storyteller

Vivek is an exceptional teacher who possesses a unique talent for transforming the most intricate concepts in Computer Science and Math into immersive stories that captivate student’s imaginations. Through his engaging teaching style, he creates an environment where learning becomes an immersive and enjoyable experience. Students are drawn to his classes, eagerly returning for more as they effortlessly grasp complex subjects, inspired by his ability to make the material relatable, accessible, and a lot of fun.

Vivek takes fun seriously. All his classes are designed to be immersive, interactive, and engaging.


Vivek Shangari is an Entrepreneur

Vivek is a tech serial entrepreneur with a mind full of moonshot and loonshot ideas. With his infectious enthusiasm and uncanny knack for turning wild dreams into successful realities, Vivek has built and scaled three cutting-edge technology companies and one not-for-profit organization.

His journey is a rollercoaster ride of triumphs and occasional hiccups, but Vivek never lets failure dampen his spirit. Vivek continues to invest in audacious ideas and on the seemingly impossible.


Vivek Shangari is NOT yet an Astronaut

Not yet.

Venture Stack

Vivek is very passionate about building companies from the ground up. Armed with boundless energy and an unwavering belief in his teams, he fearlessly tackles the challenges that come with each new venture. Scaling companies is his superpower, and he revels in the exhilaration of watching his creations grow and thrive.

But what truly sets Vivek apart is his ability to learn from both triumphs and failures. He doesn’t shy away from analysing what went wrong when things don’t go as planned. Instead, he embraces the lessons learned, incorporating them into his next adventure. When Vivek isn’t busy transforming groundbreaking ideas into successful businesses, you’ll find him sharing his knowledge and experiences with aspiring entrepreneurs. He believes in paying it forward, nurturing the next generation of innovators and dreamers.

Ace Hacker

Vivek founded Ace Hacker

2015 - Present

Founder & CEO

Vivek founded Ace Hacker in 2015.

Ace Hacker helps students and professionals alike to learn to write great code through immersive & hands-on classes. On the Ace Hacker platform, you can sharpen your skills with programming competitions & hackathons; connect & collaborate with fellow coders, founders, and investors.


Vivek founded codeCraft

2010 - 2014

Founder & CEO

Vivek founded codeCraft in the same year as Vichaar Foundation. codeCraft was a mobile intelligence company that used the power of mobile systems to learn, analyze, understand and resolve user queries through AI solutions built in most parts in ANSI Common Lisp.

codeCraft was acqui-hired by a Fortune 100 Company in the year 2014.


Vivek founded Vichaar Foundation

2010 - 2014

Founder & CEO

Vichaar Foundation was a tech not-for-profit organization that worked with various Government agencies to design, build, and operate software systems for e-governance intended to improve public services and democratic processes.

It tanked. Vivek learnt from the failure and went on to build two more successful companies.


Vivek founded AceNgage

2006 - 2010

Founder & CTO

AceNgage is an HR Analytics & Intelligence company founded by Vivek and friends. Vivek also served as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the company.

After the company turned profitable in 2010, Vivek opted for a management buy-out to start an AI venture (codeCraft) at a time when AI was not yet a buzzword.

Origin Stack

//Life before the Ventures
Change Manager
2004 - 2006

Program Manager

ICICI oneSource

Vivek led and oversaw complex projects and initiatives, ensuring their successful execution within the organization. Managed cross-functional teams, set project goals and timelines, track progress, and communicated with stakeholders to ensure alignment and achieve desired outcomes.

Program Manager
2002 - 2004

Project Manager


Vivek was responsible for planning, executing, and closing projects within the organization. His role involved defining project scope, setting objectives, allocating resources, managing budgets and timelines, and coordinating with stakeholders to ensure successful project delivery while adhering to quality standards and best coding practices.

Programmer and Hacker
1998 - 2002

Lead Programmer


As a Lead Programmer, Vivek provided technical leadership and guidance to a team of programmers, oversaw the development and implementation of software projects. Collaborated with stakeholders to define project requirements, architect solutions, ensure code quality, and mentor team members, driving innovation and delivering high-quality software products.

Programmer and Hacker
1996 - 1998



Vivek Shangari was responsible for developing, coding, and maintaining software applications and systems for the company. His role involved translating requirements into functional code, debugging and troubleshooting, collaborating with cross-functional teams, and continuously improving software performance and functionality to meet business needs and user expectations.

Geek Stack

When not writing code or engrossed in books, these are few other things that keep Vivek engaged.

Science Communicator

Vivek Shangari is a Science Communicator

Vivek has a genuine enthusiasm for science and a desire to share knowledge with others. He utilizes his exceptional skills in storytelling to create compelling narratives around scientific topics to foster public understanding of science, encourage scientific literacy, and inspire curiosity about the natural world among diverse audiences in a clear and concise manner, avoiding jargon and complex language.

Vivek uses 3As - Analogies, Anecdotes, and Animation to bridges the gap between complex scientific concepts and the public, translating technical information into accessible and engaging content.

The (Algorithmic) Puzzler

The Puzzler

Vivek is a passionate puzzle enthusiast who derives great enjoyment from designing algorithmic puzzles. Driven by a love for problem-solving and a keen eye for challenging patterns, Vivek finds joy in crafting mind-bending enigmas that test the boundaries of logic and creativity. With each puzzle, he seeks to engage others in an exhilarating quest of unravelling complexities.

His puzzles are simple to explain, devilish to solve, succinct in answer, and intriguing in its implications.

Machine Whisperer

The Machine Whisperer

Vivek’s innate urge to tinker with electronics has also spilled over to mechanical machines, especially motorcycles. When he is away from code and books, he is exploring new ways to tune his Harley Davidson, stripping his bike bare to the smallest nut in the process. He then spends an enormous amount of time over several weekends putting it back together.

Sometimes, he will tell you that he has become so good at troubleshooting & fixing motorcycles that people call him "The Machine Whisperer".

Nobody calls him that. He just wishes they did.

(Arcade) Game Developer

Vivek Shangari is a Game Developer

An avid gamer with deep love for gaming and a passion for programming, Vivek channels his creativity and coding skills to create browser simulations of his favorite arcade games. Fueled by nostalgia and a desire to relive the excitement of those old-school gaming experiences, Vivek meticulously craft pixel-perfect replicas that capture the essence of the originals.

With each new simulation, Vivek finds a sense of fulfillment in merging his childhood passion with his technical expertise.

Contact Procedure Stack

How to contact Vivek Shangari?


Email us at and we’ll connect you with Vivek.

Phone Number

Call this number and ask for Vivek if he doesn’t answer the phone himself: (+91) 988.011.2117